Cassels Brock Lawyers Author Article in National Post on the State of Cyber-Readiness in Canada

An opinion piece on the importance of cyber security ("It's Time to Beef Up Our Cyber Defences") written by Marlon Hylton and Bernice Karn has been published by the National Post:

"With cyber attacks steadily increasing in sophistication, frequency and magnitude, we must ask ourselves whether Canada is ready to meet the challenge these threats pose to our economy, national security and the overall wellbeing of Canadians. Unfortunately, when compared to the United States, the United Kingdom or Germany, Canada is clearly lagging in terms of cyber readiness."

The authors go on to identify five "quick wins" for organizations to ensure they are meeting legal obligations and protecting the data and information entrusted to them, including:

Know where you stand

Deploy cyber monitoring

Audit & test

Train employees

Have a cyber attack response plan

Read the full story here.