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The Rising Costs of Data Breaches

Data breaches are becoming increasingly problematic for companies - not only are they becoming more common, they are also becoming more costly. IBM Security and Ponemon Institute released a study this month that estimates the cost of the average data breach is now at $4 million, a 29% increase from 2013. The consequences of a data breach vary dramatically among different industries, with regulated industries facing the highest costs. Healthcare organizations lose an average of $355 per stolen record while the cost to the average public sector company is only $80. 

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Cyberbreach - Sometimes It's an Inside Job

Earlier this week, the Globe & Mail reported that four individuals, who were charged in connection with the theft and sale of maternity patient records from Rouge Valley Health System hospitals, pleaded guilty.  The stolen records were used to solicit sales of RESPs to new mothers.

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Bernice Karn Discusses PIPEDA Amendments - Including Data Breach Guidlines - with ITWorld

Bernice Karn has been quoted in the article "PIPEDA Changes Should Prompt Improved Security Stances and Roadmap Creation" published by ITWorld.

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What is Cybersecurity Law, Really?

Cybersecurity is everywhere these days. People are talking about it in business circles, in legal circles, in technology circles and at all points in between.  Scores of articles abound dispensing advice about best practices for IT security management. You are reading this blog possibly because you are worried about cybersecurity and the legal ramifications of a cyber breach – but what does that really mean?  We are here to cut through the noise.

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